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Become A Kid Again....

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If you are looking to unwind and become a kid again....Disney World in Orlando is the place for you! We just spent a family vacation there last week for the first time and it was the best time of our life!! You instantly become a kid many things to do and see and just really the most magical place on earth!!

As soon as you arrive everyone makes you feel special, so friendly and  always ready to help make your stay the best ever!! You forget about your everyday demands and worries and just become a care-free person willing and ready to live all kinds of exciting moments. It was hot (95 F everyday with 80% humidity) but the lines move quickly and the next thing you know it is your turn to get on the amazing rides.

We decided to stay at a Disney Resort on site and it was great. We had the transportation to and from the airport included. No need for a car as all buses to the different Theme Parks were right at our doorstep as well. With our "key to the world" it was all very easy. This card was our room key, it also had our quick dining service on it (which allows you two meals and two snacks a day per person)..... it also included our entries to the parks. This is the way to go...worry-free, I highly recommend this...very cool!!!  

So go ahead and become a kid again...when you leave on holidays, you rejuvenate your spirits and turn a new page in life!! I am glad that we decided to do this as a family, it helps to re-connect and remember why we love each other so much. It gives you a new lease on life and makes you realise what a wonderful world we truly live in. It makes you realise that life is to short to keep putting off things and making excuses instead of getting out there and enjoying all that you can while you are still young, healthy and able to live all of these amazing discoveries with your loved ones...

Become a kid again , live out your dreams and make memories to last a lifetime!!

Walt Disney was a very special person. He had a dream, he wanted everyone to come together to this magical place to live and enjoy all that life has to offer.  Because of his dream, he has made millions happy and has helped so many live out their last wishes in a happy, memorable manner.

When you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are....

In health....

The Health Nut!!!                                       

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Become A Kid Again....