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My new toy in kitchen! :)

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damn right, i got another new toy for my kitchen.  :)

it's the very cute & round BBQ PIT slow roaster!  i tried it out with beef, pork & chicken already (i didn't wait lol), and the result?....  

Y U M M Y  -  Y U M M Y !!!  :-D

first i marinade the meat in my own marinating sauce over night, in the morning i take the meat out of the refrigerator & coat them with a layer of dry rub i created, then i place them in the stoneware, let the meat cook in low heat for about 5 hours, then it's time to blasting homemade bbq sauce all over the meat, and let them cook for 2 more hours....

 i know i said this already, but.....  YUMMY - YUMMY!!!  :-D  (sorry guys, but that's how good it was. lol)

what i love about using this bbq slow roaster isn't just for the taste of the food, it's also a great way to cook hands free all day.  i wish i had some photos to post here, but the food didn't last on the plates too long & there wasn't any leftovers.  ;)  so i guess i'm proud to say i don't have photos.  lol  

hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, stay happy & keep eating!  :)



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My New Toy In Kitchen! :)