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Did Cavemen Know Better??

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What can we learn from the daily living habits of cavemen?

They enjoyed mostly a diet based on vegetables and  fruits, nuts, roots and free-range meat. This was of course all free of insecticides, pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals that we widely utilize today. They only hunted the animal in order to eat it. They would also use the skin for clothing and boots. It was truly for survival purposes, they never thought of wasting anything. Unlike our society that has become a selfish one that wastes so much more than it should.

If we compare this to our modern lifestyle, we are a society living in a fast paced world. A large majority of the population rely on processed or fast-foods to nourish their bodies. Today, the healthy ingredients have been replaced with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cereal, bread, potatoes and pasteurized milk products … which is not doing any favors to our future generations. We are living in the worst childhood obesity epidemic ever...

Children back in those days, spent time and  followed their parents and learned how to live and survive on their own. They learned how to fish, hunt, sew, make fires, dry meats etc....they worked hard, had nice red cheeks, got all of the natural vitamin D and exercise needed to have a well-balanced lifestyle. If any of them suffered from ADHD or ADD or any hyperactivity, they were able to burn all of that extra positive energy during the day and sleep well at night. They did not over indulge in sweets, deep-fried foods or caffeine energy drinks. They did not have violent video games that kept them glued to a tv, indoors, all day....

Ever wonder why so many people have trouble digesting grains? Our body is just not designed to eat processed grains on such a regular basis. 

Gluten, a protein found in grains causes an immune reaction that damages the small intestine and prevents absorption of nutrients. Sugars and grains will not just cause inflammation in your gut, but anywhere in your body.                If you want to avoid heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes or even cancer, you will want to  limit or avoid your grain intake completely.

Maybe our ancestors didn't have a long life expectancy, but they also didn't die of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. They mostly died of natural causes (severe weather conditions, lack of food, killed while hunting etc...).They had to rely on what they had learned from their parents as to what herbs or spices to use to heal themselves. They did not run to the doctor's office or local pharmacy for prescription drugs for every little ailment, like our society does today.

Because food selection today is no longer primarily given to you  by your environment as it was so long ago, but rather by your choices at the supermarket, you owe it to yourself to uncover which choices will lead you to your best health. There is no perfect diet that will work for everyone, we are all unique and our bodies require its own individual diet plan 

If you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease and live longer, you might want to try behaving like a caveman?

They would have short bursts of physical activity followed by periods of rest. They probably burned  between 800 and 1,200 calories per day in physical activity. The average person today, only uses a small fraction of this energy. Because of this,  the end  result makes it that we lose stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Lets try to go back to enjoying the basics of life. Lets take the time to talk to our children and teach them how to live their best life ever!!

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Instead, it may be high in green vegetables and healthy fats, or you may require a higher protein percentage with your meals. You see, modern humans have developed so there is an enormous level of biochemical and genetic individuality that essentially guarantees that there is no perfect diet that will work for everyone.

While our Stone Age ancestors may have all been able to thrive on a similar whole food diet, the U.S. population has a widespread heterogeneity; we are all uniquely designed and require customized plans. 






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Did Cavemen Know Better??