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I love Rachel Ray

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I think Chef Melissa is better looking and more stylish than Rachel Ray. Greek-Style ... Spice Rack L... Chocolate-Co... 
Melissa's picture
I agree with Joe Bush! That Melissa chick is AWESOME!! LOL - THANKS JOE!!!!
Hyde.Ray's picture
I looked around on web. Not one hot pic of Giada is there. She only knows bending forward.
foodlover's picture
Indian Rachel RayUnfortunately Indian guys are forced to choose between food and pleasure and they mostly go for the earlier one.
Addison's picture
India is still a third world country at core I guess.
foodguru's picture
But i love indian ray....Eishwarya ray!
Addison's picture
Is she the only beautiful lady in India. I am sure she won't cook. show me some pretty cooking faces.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
How about Mario "The Tortilla Guy"
Addison's picture
He is too fat to be loved period!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
I guess Fat guys can't be loved ?"The Tortilla Guy"
khau.khan's picture
this is terrific - great job guys ! how about HowToGirlshe is terrific
gbpackerfan000's picture
Who cares about what they look like. Does looking good make their food taste better? I dont think so, and if it did, my food would be amazing beyond belief!
JennaSand's picture
Well Joe confidence is everything "Science It's What's for Dinner" Alton Brown Good Eats
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
I feel you XFX !!!"The Tortilla Guy"
shantihhh's picture
Rachel Ray and many on the Food Network are for entertaining not for the serious cook! The demographics for FoodTV are to appeal to the single male 15-35 years old. According to Sara Moulton, when the new president of the Food Network came in she wanted to make the network appeal to that new target demographic with young, entertaining shows – not cooking programs. The obvious disconnect here is the fact that the network is called the Food Network; cooking shows are a logical component of the programming. Sara even said that a producer friend of hers was told "No chefs please, and nobody with training" when they were pitching show ideas. I do think Mario Batali is an excelent chef, but not easy on the eyes. Bobby Flay is also a great chef and his recipes are excellent, but a wee bit too much ego. Now Giada is both pretty and an excellent cook. For serious foodies PBS has far more to offer than Food TV-Rick Bayless for one is a fabulous chef. However, for the average home chef the best is right here on iFood.TV in my humble opinion, plus we have some gorgeous chefs here with fun personalities and easy on the eyes who cook outstanding dishes. additional thoughts on Food Newtwork
JennaSand's picture
Totally agree! Love PBS and CREATE a branch of PBS. But I do have to say that the competitions on the Food Network are good as well. My students get great ideas from them. A lot of chefs that want to make a name of themselves need to compete, not in Food Network style, but it gives my students ideas, keeps them brainstorming. "Science It's What's for Dinner" Alton Brown Good Eats
tropicahnah's picture
Her FHM pix made me laugh. =X
CookingMyWay's picture
I wonder how much digital touchup time they did on her FHM photos? I have a friend who is a digital touch-up artist for a well known women's mag and he once told me it was amazing how much they digitally change the actual person to make them look perfect for the shoot..
shantihhh's picture
interesting-as Rachel looks a bit different on HD-plumper for sure. BTW Giada is tiny and has too much class to pose cheesecake style. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then worked in the kitchens of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants. Mario and Lydia are two of the finest chefs on TV and not so "pretty" but their recipes are flawless IMHO. Never trust a skinny chef!
shantihhh's picture
PS BTW Rachel is not history as she made 13 million $$$$$ last year. It is show biz on Food TV or so says their new Prez and guys 15-37 are the big target. I loved Ming Tsai but not much broad appeal or sex appeal-but great innovative cooking. He is back on PBS. I just wish one of these channels would have an Indian cooking program. They did a pecial on Kerela cuisine and it was fabulous-back a few years ago with Padma Lakshmi a simply gorgeous talented chef and author. watch a video of this talented woman born in Chenai!
rcsbriskethouse's picture
Ahh Forget about those shows on food network and PBS go to where you can find awesome chefs with great videos like smokin chefs now that's talent lol :) RC's Brisket house and cateringRC's Keepin it real 
tophergrace08's picture
LOL ! :D Reading all the comments here about cooks and shows that is shown today on our tivo's did make me laugh...too bad, i haven't been here yet when this debate started.tsk! tsk! tsk! hope to see some of this once again so i could join too! hehehe *_*.
I Love Rachel Ray