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Subway Sandwich Or A Pepperoni Pizza From PizzaHut?

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Why is it always too difficult to choose between the two?

Every time we plan to eat out, these are almost the only choices I and my peers got to choose from; or is it just we are so obsessed with both Subway and PizzaHut that our eyes do not seem to focus on other options around!

Whatever, having been to both these places a million times or more, we are still confused – do we love Subway the better or is it PizzaHut we’ve fallen for!


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It’s true that we’ve always wondered how Subway fills us up, without making us feel heavy on our tummies. Can this be one reason we end up ordering the much loved Subway Party Platter whenever there is a reason to celebrate? Or is it the traditional Subway flavors, which not many eateries out there have managed to outwit, can be the reason we end up at the franchise down the lane, every time we pass by!


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But PizzaHut!!! Well, it’s beyond words can describe. God knows how they manage to please every individual palate that walks in looking for a flavor that can tickle their taste-buds! Yes, they have so many different pizzas on the menu, and surprisingly no two varieties ordered seem to taste alike! And the warmth you receive – seems like that is the PizzaHut trademark.

So what do you think? Do we like Subway or are we in love with PizzaHut? Or which one among these do you like? Or think there’s a better option we should try?

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Subway Sandwich Or A Pepperoni Pizza From PizzaHut?