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An Interview with Ifood.Tv Founder and CEO Alok Ranjan

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Interview with Alok Ranjan- Founder of iFood.Tv. TIECON2007 was held in Silicon Valley, California on 18-19th May. The speakers at TIECON included Meg Whitman, CEO of Ebay, Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman Microsoft India and Vinod Khosla famous VC.

Also Known as: Founder Interview Review
TIECON was held in Silicon Valley, California on 18-19th May, 2007. Founder of, Mr. Alok Ranjan was also present here. Watch the video; he is talking about the food channel, what inspired him to start the channel, and many more.

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An Interview With Ifood.Tv Founder And CEO Alok Ranjan Video, Founder Interview Review