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An Interview with Ifood.Tv Founder and CEO Alok Ranjan

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Interview with Alok Ranjan- Founder of iFood.Tv. TIECON2007 was held in Silicon Valley, California on 18-19th May. The speakers at TIECON included Meg Whitman, CEO of Ebay, Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman Microsoft India and Vinod Khosla famous VC.

Also Known as: Founder Interview Review
TIECON was held in Silicon Valley, California on 18-19th May, 2007. Founder of, Mr. Alok Ranjan was also present here. Watch the video; he is talking about the food channel, what inspired him to start the channel, and many more.

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The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Nice Going Alok !!! Great interveiw !! Wrap On !! "The Tortilla Guy"
Hyde.Ray's picture
ur funny man. well articulated.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
great going......Mr.CEO!Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa's picture
Oh great... so now Alok ditches iFood for a successful Hollywood career!  I think that chick was flirting with you!  Hussy!
maria001's picture
Great interveiw !
shantihhh's picture
You were here and didn't let us know! We at least could have made you an awesome dinner. Hope it went well with angel funds. Let me know if you need help in this arena. My husband has done many such presentations although he works for INFOSYS.
Vibs's picture
Great going Mr. ALOK !!! "Ifood keep rocking"
An Interview With Ifood.Tv Founder And CEO Alok Ranjan Video, Founder Interview Review