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Can you wash away the pesticide

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Every time we eat a fruit or a veggie we are iclined to wash it. We peel things even when the peels are edible and good.

The deal is that these activities do remove some of the pesticide but they can't be termed as "pesticide free". Buying organic is a good option. Peeling is not. The skin is a store house of nutrients specially fiber. Apples for example are on the top of the list of pesticide contaminated food yet peeling them is not a good option. The skin is full of fiber you need so much for a healthy digestive system.

I usually wash the produce with dish washing soap. Rinse throughly and you are good. Supermarkets also sell the produce wash. But I am not sure if that is worth the cost. It helps. Try to buy locally grown stuff. Canned and frozen items are also a choice as going organic means having to pay a lot more. Farmer's markets are a good choice. The produce looks fresh. healthy and cheap.

Make sure you know what you are buying. Read labels or any sign posted. Sometimes if the produce looks too good to be true it actually is not good to eat. Slight imperfections and a bruise here and there are signs of healthy, pesticide free food. I often go to a farm to pick my own for that reason. This way I know there is no wax on my cucumbers or green peppers.


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Can You Wash Away The Pesticide