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Help for Dads On Mother's Day

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Mother's Day

Being a father is fairly easy, or at least that is what a Mom thinks until it is Mother's day. Picking out the right gift and not watching TV all day while keeping the kids entertained so that mom can relax can be pretty tiring, right? Not to mention cooking too. Who in the world does all that day after day and still remain sane? I mean cook, clean and keep the kids occupied while maintaining calm and without uttering  words rated 'R'?


Help is here all the fathers. I have a menu which will please mom and kids can help too.

·         Breakfast is Irish egg rolls with some O.J.

·         For Lunch try Hummus pizza with this Crisp salad.

·         Dinner? Come on dude take her out, she deserves one nice meal a day.


Enjoy the day!! and please a dear lady, your mom or your kid's or better yet both.


Don't forget Father's day follows soon!



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Help For Dads On Mother's Day