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    Hellow, i food .tv, lovers  we have already seen that every planet of solar body has its natural no. and every one who born has his fixed no. that is called birth no.any thing on earth could be changed but ur birth no never changeable till u alive.this means that during whole life the person concern spend his life under the influences of the birth no and the planet concerned.if the person born in the negative zodical period ofthe planet concerned he is bound to experience the negative roles of that planet. suppose any one who born onthe 8th, 17th,or26th. of any per birth day the natural no 8,1+7=8, 2+6=8,hence the birth no is fixed those who born on these mentioned dates,and the natural no. of planet saturn is 8. it is universal facts that satur if negative disturbs the whole equation s of life the persons concerned but if positive than it is called the planet of to deal with negative action of saturn,there is some steps that may less the negative aspect try to adjust ur name no should be 8 or friendly to 8 that is,2,4,these no[s] are friendly to no. 8, they try to reduce the bad effects of saturn, the moon is the planet of no.2 and 4 is related to uranus, so combined efforts of moon and uranus helped him saving from bad action of saturn also use rings of black pearls or black diamonds to get negative saturn to positive antions.

the moon is famous for coolness hence pearls is stones for moon.

    big khan

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