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I'm Not Just Cheap, I'm Also Easy

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At the Wine Portfolio studios we drink wine like water. In fact our water cooler is filled with Château Lafite Rothschild. I know what you’re thinking, typical spoiled media-types, but just to assure you the Lafite in our cooler is 1985 vintage or newer so we’re really not being that extravagant.

But on the rare occasion when we want to slum it like the rest of you (I mean be fiscally responsible) we too like inexpensive, high value wines. I mean who doesn’t like a bargain and as I always say, wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Granted our Cristal flush toilets are getting a bit pricey to operate but the interns like them so much who could take those away?   More Info

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I'm Not Just Cheap, I'm Also Easy