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The working woman – juggling work and cooking delicacies

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The increasing number of opportunities has made it possible for women to pursue the career of their choice. Women are turning from stay at home moms to full time career women or even work at home moms. This has however, increased the pressures on a woman   manifold. The traditional role of the woman still beckons her to do her best at home even with the calls of a high profile career.Food is an important part of all our homes and coming home to a table that has wonderful dishes cooked by mom/wife is what the family looks forward to. However, how does the lady juggle the home, kids and deadlines at the work place? How do you have a wonderful spread at our dining table with meeting the deadlines at work? How do you be the supermom and wife?A little planning is the secret to being a superwoman. You can have a great meal at your dining table and also be the hero at the board room in time. These are some of the techniques that I as a work from home mom use to ensure a smile on everyone’s face at home:·         Plan in advance. It is important that you plan your entire week in advance. With your busy work schedule week days are going to be very tough and so it would be best to chalk out plans for the entire week so that you are well-prepared. ·         Do your grocery shopping for the week on your off day and plan your menu for each day of the week. It takes longer to decide the menu for the day and getting all the ingredients ready than actually cooking it. Make sure that you have all the ingredients for all that you plan to cook whether it is cheese for your lasagna, flour for your cakes or chicken for your dinner. ·         Buy the meat required in advance. Based on the recipes that you have decided for the week buy the chicken, lamb or any meat of your choice and also all the other ingredients. ·         Make some preparations in advance like chopping up vegetables and keeping them ready for your fried rice or getting your burgers ready for that yummy hamburger you planned for Monday night. These may sound like little things but can save you a lot on time. ·         Sandwiches, pizzas, soups and salads are great for a day when you do have a very tight schedule. ·         Preparing sauces in advance and freezing them can prove to be helpful when you are short on time.

An occasional ready to eat meal is fine for that lazy day when you do not feel like cooking. However, doing it very often can tell on the health of your family. With just a little effort you can add variety to your table experimenting with some quick and easy Italian, Mexican or Chinese recipes. The best way to manage both the home and the cooking delights is by being a smart cook and then you are sure to win the “Superwoman” title with ease.


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Women in our country amaze me. Just staying at home and managing the kitchen and the house can be quite a task. I've seen my mom do it with ease. Personally, I would die of sheer boredom! On top of it, now there are ladies who manage work and home! I've been living that kind of a life for the last 7-8 days. My wife is away in Delhi and I'm managing my job and cooking my own food, and though my working hours are few and very flexible, it still takes a lot to come back home and head straight to the kitchen. Thank God for micro-ovens! Nice post!
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Cooking and being a full time career woman can bring on a challenge for sure. In the US it is not unusual for the husband to also help with the cooking as well as other household and parenting duties. As you say planning a head is critical to making the days flow properly without a made dash on the way home from work for take out meals. Making weekday meals simple but well balanced is key to having the energy and time for the children. Another way is to have live in help in place of dropping the children off at a daycare spot. This arrangement can be cost effective if room and board are included plus a small salary for the au pair or mother's helper. Sometimes they even cook simple week day meals. Being a working mom has it's challenges and often can lead to feelings of guilt for the moms. It is all about balance and not an easy balance to achieve, but if both parents share the responsibilities of home and children it can work smoothly. If the woman is expected to do everything like cooking, cleaning, assisting children with homework, etc. the mom will be overly tired and the family life will suffer. Today if both parents work outside the home it must be a 50%/50% and actually more of a 100% on both parts. Take turns cooking, doing laundry, getting kids ready for bed, etc. As children grow up they can be included in "chores". This really makes them a part of the routine and they learn. Many women assume a martyr attitude and try to do everything - waiting on their husband and children. They often resent the burden and simply burn out with working, being a wife, a mother, doing 150% by themselves. Cooperation, communication and organization are key to a successful balance for couples and especially if they have children. I know of very few woman who have the luxury of being full time mom's. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area (you know it as Silicon Valley) which is a fast paced driven and expensive place to live, but also ideal for weather and diversity. For parents there is the added burden of teaching your children to know their alphabet, to count, knowing colours and shapes, ties own shoes, can print their name and a host of other things: Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Yes, Vikas. It is really tough for a woman especially if she's working outside too. She has to find the right balance between home and work or else both end up getting affected adversely and whichever way it is she ends up being the loser. The partner has to really be very helpful for making it all work really smooth. I do agree fully with Shantihh on that. Although in India, we really do not have the concept of a 50- 50 in housework. It is slowly catching on with more women going out to work.
The Working Woman – Juggling Work And Cooking Delicacies