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London To Become World's First Sustainable Fish City

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London to become world’s first sustainable fish city – claims some news reports. It is believed that London has decided to place its bid to become the first sustainable fish city. The experts believe that London has planned this move in time to synchronize with the opening ceremony of Olympic games, which are going to be held in 2012.


On the morning of January 18th 2011, Londoners woke up to take up the challenge of journalist Rosie Boycott, who urged the businesses and citizens to support the race of elevating London to the position of sustainable fish city. She added that by becoming the sustainable fish city, London will ensure the food security of Britain as a whole. She added if the city doesn’t play smart to earn the sobriquet of London the fish city, then the day is not far when Londoners will wake up to  find that their favorite fish species has vanished from sea forever.  And it is the due responsibility of every Londoner to secure the future of London as the sustainable fish city.

According to the recent news reports the city has already began its efforts to earn the sobriquet of London the fish city. In  2009, the city has pledged to cater only sustainable fish during the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics games.  Recently while responding to the Olympic lead, the Greater London Authority indicated that as a part of becoming sustainable fish city London would start responding to the 2012 Olympic food standards, which highlights the commitment to deliver sustainable fish.

The first step towards becoming the sustainable fish city will begin by serving the sustainable fish to council staff, fire brigade, transport workers and London police. The authorities are now urging the fish suppliers, restaurants, universities, schools, caterers and tourist attractions to support the cause and help the city to rise to the fame of London, the fish city.

As a part of Sustainable Fish City campaign each of these entities are required to sign the pledge- vowing to buy sustainable seafood ; helping to shield the depleting marine population by protecting the marine habitats; and  promoting favorable fishing livelihoods.

Following the words of Jon Walker, who serves as the coordinator of the Sustainable Fish City Campaign: Londoners spend over £1 billion on fish every year which, say the Fish City organizers is a vital opportunity to invest in sustainable fishing practices and support those fishermen who are doing their best to protect precious fish and ocean environments.

It is reported that many of the London organizations have already responded to the Sustainable Fish City Campaign by vowing to state the sustainable fish in their contracts and to promote sustainable fish amongst their regular customers.  It is believed that following institutions have already started fulfilling their pledge( of elevating the city to the ranks of “London the fishcity”):  Chelsea Flower Show, the D& D group of London restaurants, Sodexo (one of the largest caterers in UK which supply food to public and private sector organizations), and five of the top London Universities. These organizations have vowed to follow the simple advice of Sustainable Fish City Campaign: “Exclude the worst, promote the best and improve the rest.”

Another interesting thing is that the Sustainable Fish City Campaign was announced on the day when new investigation is being launched by star British chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  



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London To Become World's First Sustainable Fish City