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Happy Birthday

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Born at 16 days in July, at the best time 1:30 am, or dawn, just discovered this at age 16, also known as the wee hours, my, their all Sao Paulo city that welcomes everyone and everything does not always provide what will be best, but try to offer ways, dreams, victories, but our St. Paul does not walk alone after Sao Paulo is not an island is a city in extending the hand through the streets, then we know how Sao Paulo is devoid of love, affection and understanding.


St. Paul the city of dreams and nightmares, the city of angels and demons!
São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo our city, which would be without this city?
He never could explain what it is to live without the city of Sao Paulo!

Happy, Happy Life

Thanks Sao Paulo

Marcelo Menyon


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Happy Birthday