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So does anyone know who is with " The Tortilla Guy" ?

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Emeril :)?
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And Now Emeril is going Green !!!!! Great guy saw him in New Orleans at the IDDBA has done alot for the world of foods !!! The Tortilla Guy
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He is good chef. I cant stand his cooking show though, too over the top for me :) You know him well ?
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I don't like his fat ladened recipes! Not my favourite chef for sure-he is all about showmanship and bam. Saw him recently on FoodTV, wow has he packed on the weight-must be eating that deep fried stuff he cooks. Last time I saw him just before his marriage he looked slim and trim. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Emeril..hmmm...but I don't like his cooking shows. Makes a lot of unhealthy stuff.
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Very cool my friend...
So Does Anyone Know Who Is With " The Tortilla Guy" ?