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Distraction, Noise Cause Overeating - Now You Know

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Researchers claim that the main cause of America's expanding waistline is distraction and noise. Let’s find out with this article - Distraction, Noise Cause Overeating - Now You Know – what role does brain play in fattening the bellies.

Distraction affects eating: Scientists suggest that the distraction affects our eating and we tend to eat more, fatty and unhealthy foods. For example, visitors eat more at a place like Washington D.C.'s Union Station, which is loud and bustling with food in every direction. One of the visitors at the station, who was having a giant calzone-type creation with bacon, egg and cheese in a bread roll with hot coffee, admitted that he shouldn’t have this, but he could not resist himself from indulging into this. He admitted that he would not have gone for such fatty breakfast at home.

Brain plays role in overeating and fattening bellies: Researchers said that this showed the person’s brain did not process food at that crowded place the way he has his meals in his own quiet kitchen. In his kitchen, his brain would send signal that he had eaten enough and his sensation would receive the message of feeling full.

Higgs’ study: United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham psychologist Suzanne Higgs believes that lots of factors ultimately influence the quantity of food we eat. She is researching on how humans think processes and mind influences upon eating. Higgs also compared two sets of people – one, who pays mindful attention to each and every bite of food, and the other, who watches in front of a television set or while working on computers. Higgs said people with distractions, like TV, computers, ate more cookies later during the day, compared to the ones who paid full attention to their lunch. She also concluded that distraction also makes food dulle and thus one of the main causes of overeating.

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Distraction, Noise Cause Overeating - Now You Know