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wishing a v v happy & prosperous new year to and its promoters and lovers,the coming year may be milestone for & promoters.

Here is some numerolocal facts regarding  about business asppects in pre & post 2011.

Listing most important facts that affected  in 2010 and may affect in coming 2011, given bellow:

Magic no of is--1, it's planet is [SUN] denotes life path, Initiating action, leading, Independent, attaining etc.

Magic no of passing year 2010 : Is [3] : The 3 stands in symbolism for the planet JUPITER , plays most important role in any business. Due to Jupiter positive action 2010  might have been proved fine in all respect. It also gives Expression, verbalization, Socialization,the arts,the joy of living.

Magic no of 2011: [4]  : Its planet is URANUS, It is considered related to the Sun,no--1, and in occultism is written as  4--1, it has also a distinct character.

other specific character of no [4] is a foundation, order, service, struggle and steady growth.

Hence no is [1] and coming year 2011 no is [4] as one & four are very friendly among themselves, so coming 2011 seems very very strong fortune year for as per numerological aspect and promoters and viewers of may smile in coming 2011, Amen



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