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just another 5 star and 3 star experience

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Regarding Vikas 5 star and 3 star experiences, i too have a story to share! when i was a kid i used to buy firecrackers at our local store usually days before new year's eve (it's been a tradition that we've inherited during the chinese occupation). as you can see every boy my age back then dreams of having a pack of firecrackers to lit on the eve before new year and the ones that blast with a big bang are the "5 star" ones. when i was about to go to college, i had the chance to pass the entrance exam of a prestigious university in the main capital of our country which is manila. after, a year of studying there we were excited to go and spend christmas holiday to new year's day break back to our respective homes (my home is about 220 kilometers from manila). reaching home, ive seen my small cousins stacking up on firecrackers. to my surprise i saw this tiny firecracker with them and intriguingly asked the kids whats the name of this new piece, and they chorusly answered " 3 star" ! and i was even more surprised and shocked to see them lit this "3 star" without throwing it even before it explodes but rather they just held it firmly and by just closing their eyes tightly as if doing a suicide thing and they would just wait and let the "3 star" blow away in between their index finger and thumb! i ran to my cousin who was just laughing as i hurriedly went to him and as i checked his hands i didn't even see a small wound or scratch to their hands or finger!

so much for a 5 star and 3 star experiences huh?

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Just Another 5 Star And 3 Star Experience