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Maharana's Royal Dining Room

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These are pictures from the Udaipur City Palace (Rajasthan, India). The Maharanas (rulers of the Mewar Dynasty) lived here.

The Mewars worshipped the sun daily. After his pooja, the Maharana would sit in this 'all glass n mirror' chamber and have breakfast.

The following are pictures of 'Kaanch Ki Bhurj' (inside the Udaipur City Palace) built by Maharana Karan Singh Ji (1620-1628 A.D.)

The Walls

The Ceiling

The Floor

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
This heritage dinning hall looks royal. Rajasthan has a great history and this dinning hall showing the greatness of that days.
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Who is this Maharana?
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Hi! Maharana is not one person. It's a title that was used by the 'Mewar' dynasty rulers in India. Its somewhat like 'Maharaja'.
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I have been there! My favourite in Rajastan is still the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Rajasthan where I have even stayed in the Maharani Suite! It is like 6000 sq. ft. They were over booked and I was a regular guest----so they upgraded me, seriously upgraded me! Umaid Bhawan Palace can qualify for several firsts: the largest private residence in the world, the finest extant example of art-deco, the only palace to have painting from the Ramayana painted by a Polish artist, the first to use air-conditioning, electricity and elevators, and the most impressive for its size and dimensions. Sitting at The Pillars sipping tea in the morning watching the peacocks strut about----- is surreal. Shanti/Mary-Anne
vikas.kumar's picture
I couldn't agree with you more. The Umaid Bhawan is truly spectacular. The architecture is phenomenal...the same person had designed the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. I was there (as part of a film crew) for over two months. I clicked a whole lot of snaps and explored every corner of the palace. The two months gave me memories that I'll cherish for life.
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Very nice pics. I liked the pic of the ceiling.
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I use my handycam for the stills too. Unfortunately, the lens is not very wide and hence a lot of times I can capture, only, what would be a part of, a complete picture. The sites in the palace are quite amazing...especially when you get to see the original war gear of Maharana Pratap and his famous horse, Chetak.
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What really struck me was that the entire room looked like a glass n mirror chamber...intricate patterns n designs, rich colours...the aura around the place was truly 'regal'.
Nice pictures. I will visit Jaipur also at my next visit to INDIA. U people must visit the the dinning table in the palace of "MADHAV RAO SHINDHIA PALACE" at GWALIOR( M.P), Indai.
Snigdha's picture
Great Pictures. The dining room was certainly 'royal'.
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Everything about the 'royal' life that the rajas and the badshahs led, intrigues me. What's sad is that while the 'royals' lived in luxury, most of the rest of the population was poor. A lot of the kings spent their lives either fighting and taking over kingdoms or indulging in their favourite sport - hunting. Ofcourse, the wine n women were always there...
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Interesting blog Vikas. The pictures are beautiful indeed. Forts and palaces never cease to fascinate. Rajasthan is on my wish list for the next travel plan I make. Would like to let you know that I am hosting a baking event here at ifood. Would love to have you participate with your favorite baked dish.
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This Glass n Mirror dining room was truly 'royal'. Rajasthan is the most awesome place to visit. I haven't gone around much, only to Jodhpur (I was a part of a film crew and for 2 months we had a section of the main palace for our office!) and Udaipur (halted there while driving down from Delhi to Mumbai). Check out the blogs. Rajasthan is a place you'll fall in love with.
Maharana's Royal Dining Room