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Can gossiping and dinnering go together?

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Talk while you eat. Some people enjoy their food while gossiping, but this may not be the best thing to do. Whatever, but I also have this habit. I often start gossiping about a wide range of affairs while eating.



Can gossiping and dinnering go together?But in my opinion dining table is one of the best place to discuss political, social, cultural etc. issues. In my case, I don’t get the right taste of food if I don’t gossip at the dinnering. But this has its own extremities, often the gossiping transforms into a high end debate and leads to excitation which hampers experiencing the true taste of food and eating just turns into a formality. Medically, gossiping while eating possesses the risk of food particles entering the breath pipe. Which may lead to coughing. It will in your health interest not to talk while you eat.So in the best interests of things, it would be better to emphasize on eating at the dinnering table than to gossip.

And in case if we have to talk ,then a right balance must be compromised between eating and gossiping.

In future, I would try to do same.



What do you think, please let me know?


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Why not? Gossiping is the integral part of dinnering.
Yes, The dining table is a place where all family mambers gathered , also discuss our family topics ont only political, cultural or social, but according to ISLAM (religion) gossiping during meal is totaly restrected. According to ISLAM its dengerous ,and it proved by medical science also.
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I think perhaps gossiping has a different connotation in the West. By definition: "Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others." Some people commonly understand gossip as meaning the spreading of rumor and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. We as a family chat about what each person is doing in their life. Often it is a time for children to talk of events in school and of their friends. My husband and I discus his work, plans we have and such. Gossiping is frowned upon in the US. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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'Gossiping', as far as I know, has the same connotation here. I do hear many people say - 'I love to gossip'...I guess (atleast some of them) mean to say that they like to chat/talk/make conversation. I think all of us (if we have company) indulge in some kind of conversation on the dining table. Infact, at times, these chats turn into major discussions. Along with 2 other friends, I've done lunches that have lasted over 4 hrs!
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In some cultures most business deals are discussed over a meal-this is true in China for sure. Or at least while sipping tea. For our family a meal is always an ongoing thing where we laugh and talk and catch up on life. I prefer not to share meals with those that I don't enjoy chatting with! My husband often travels, so for us sharing a meal, and often cooking together is a time to talk and share. It is a fun time to cook, sip some wine, sit down and enjoy what we have prepared together. If we go out to a restaurant it is to dine and talk, never to just gobble and refuel our bodies. I can't imagine a quiet meal where no one talks-how awful would that be? Unless you are eating alone then perhaps talking to oneself would be quite strange Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I agree with Shanti. Unless eating alone, not being able to make a conversation while at the table is pathetic. I can't imagine just gobbling food without uttering a word. Its almost unnatural to me ;) Gossip is not of interest to everyone but I guess most people try to catch up with each other's lives and on topics such as politics, weather, fashion, families, travel and of course food ;)
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I think enjoying a meal and talking is the best! This is important for couples and also as a family. So many Americans feed their children separate in front of the TV-that is such a loss of time as a family to communicate EVERY day-so important. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I like talking as much as eating !! The Tortilla Guy
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Can Gossiping And Dinnering Go Together?