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Going Beyond Tradition This Christmas

I love Christmas, but then again, who doesn't. But going beyond tradition this Christmas is a different different story altogether. Every Christmas is inundated with the traditional festive sights. You have the good ol' Santa Claus; then the Christmas tree that is filled with a million shimmery objects out of which you can make sense of only a few; the excessive smothering by family; shopping; and credit cards flirting with debts. All of them are good (except the credit card binge) after all that is what Christmas is mostly about. But at times, all this could be suffocating ; all this could even be a tad boring. Now, put your hands up if you feel me.


For this Christmas, Imma be giving you some out the box, wacky and crazy a** ideas in terms of food and otherwise too. You might love my ideas or just plain hate them, but either way, you will stay entertained.


Cook Biryani

Errr.. What is Biryani? Biryani is like the most popular Indian dish ever. Usually, it is made out of meat and rice and sometimes vegetables substitute meat. To simplify it a little further, Biryani's cousins would be the Risotto and the Jambalaya. It is fragrant and absolutely delectable. Biryani is cooked in the homes of South Indian Christians on Christmas. You can find some cool recipes on


Get a Tattoo

Yeah, get a tattoo that says, 'I HART Christmas'. Christmas is special and you can keep it that way by etching it on yourself. If you like other things, then you get a tattoo that says, 'I HART Other Things'. Lol. Just a suggestion.


Get a Buro Tree

Chic, techno and trendy! Looks like anything but like you regular Christmas Tree. It is the perfect, reusable tree if you a New Yorker living on the 27th floor in Queens. In my opinion, you can use this tree as decoration all year long.


Celebrate Kwanzaa

Yes, if you haven't heard of it already, it is the African American secular festival that is celebrated between December 26th to January 1st. The festival identifies, acknowledges and celebrates the African heritage of all the African diaspora around the world. Roasted corn cobs are part and parcel of the Kwanzaa celebrations. You can call over a couple of friends and roast some corn cobs and drink a few beers.


Buy a ticket to Australia

If you are bored of the 'white' Christmas, then buy a ticket to Australia. Witness what it feels like to have a summer Christmas.



Happy Holidays and Cheers!


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Going Beyond Tradition This Christmas