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Arsenal Brings Stadium Food - Inspiring Sports

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Arsenal brings stadium food – inspiring sports to care about the fuel that gives the energy to keep playing sports with all the spirit. This has come as great news for all the sports fanatics like us, particularly the ones who are fond of soccer. This scene is quite common, where the football fans all gathered up in a pub, a TV showroom or at a neighborhood club scream together in complete frenzy while watching the matches on the TV screen. This year the Arsenal took stand at the Emirates Stadium in London on Newcastle United. But even when there was a big disappointment to trail with the defeat of the team, the sports inspired food was what kept up the sportsman spirit high up.


Arsenal brings stadium food – inspiring sports with haute food


The Yankee Stadium and the Citi Field had a spread of exclusive haute foods. Three new restaurants had been inaugurated in the shortest span of time and then, there was the Legends, which had opened a super-cool sports bar. The Legend sports bar had its Club Level decked up with 40 TV screens! The WM Club restaurant run by Oleg Ibragimov, on the other hand, had an excellent menu. The best part of the restaurant is but not the menu. It’s the personal table concierge! 


Arsenal brings stadium food – inspiring sports – top picks


Some of the finest delicacies on offer during the sports events were foie gras and pear compote, homemade piccalilli and ham hock terrine with crispy quail’s eggs. All unique and special in their own ways, these foods tasted out of the world and something which cannot be felt with the mere expression of delicious words. So, I will just name my favorite picks from the sportily delicious menu. The belly with red cabbage, crispy pork crackling and Suffolk pork cheek remain in my second list of favorites. For the post game dinner, there awaited more variation in the foods with irresistible options like Angus beef burgers.


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Arsenal Brings Stadium Food - Inspiring Sports