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Why Are Teenagers Always Hungry?

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Have you ever come across a stage when whatever budget you keep for the groceries, you never succeed in fulfilling your teenager’s eating needs? Parents of teenagers must have often faced this problem and must have wondered why their teenagers are always hungry. Here are a few reasons why teenagers feel the urge to eat all the time.



Growing Phase: Teenagers are in growing phase of life where physical, emotional and hormonal changes come at an enormously fast rate. Unlike adults, their energy is used up fast, making them feel hungry all the time. Moreover, it is a state of confusion for some as both sexes feel the changes in them like boys’ shoulders broaden and muscles strengthen, while girls’ mature physically.

Emotions: Emotions affect anybody’s life but for teenagers it is a different matter all together. Even a small stressful event can create big disturbance in a teenager’s life and force them to start eating and munching more to divert their minds in a bid to release their unused energy. In emotional stress, teenagers often overeat and soon it becomes their habit.

Storing Junks: Parents who store unhealthy food like chocolates, popcorn, cokes in refrigerators often prompt their teenager kids to eat more. This excessive eating can be stopped, however, by replacing junk with healthy food in your stores.

Food is abundant in America and is continuously exposed to teenagers all the time. If your teenager is watching TV, commercial breaks mostly show a food-related advertisement. Internet surfers are also exposed to constant food-related ads, prompting them to eat more without need.


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Why Are Teenagers Always Hungry?