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Picky Eater: Tumaro's tortillas better than sliced bread

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This from my local newspaperPicky Eater: Tumaro's tortillas better than sliced breadJolene Thym Staff writer Contra Costa Times - Article Launched: 02/25/2008 10:12:36 AM PST

Normally, I reach for the bag of bread to go with my morning eggs or my afternoon cheese (by all means, alert the cholesterol police) but for the past week I've had a perfectly delicious, slightly less bulky option €" Tumaro's whole grain tortillas.

The Los Angeles-based company sent samples of their three new tortillas, all made with whole grains and soy. I can't say tortillas will ever push bread off my shelf, but they are a refreshing change, and infinitely more versatile than bread.

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Picky Eater: Tumaro's Tortillas Better Than Sliced Bread