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Ice Skate While You You

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With the days getting longer you may want to enjoy ice skating while you still can. My favorite is Wolman Rink. Seeing the New York skyline from inside the park is amazing. You can skate as long as you want. The Zamboni clears the ice for a 1/2 hour every 2 hours or so. The snack bar has been redone and offers hotdogs, chili and various snacks. It's a great night out. Here is a full list of the places to skate.
Rock Center 49th-50th & 6th Ave
Bryant Park 40th between 5th & 6th
Wolman Rink 59th & 6th Ave.
Chelsea Piers (indoor) 23rd & Hudson River
Lasker Rink 106-108th mid Central Park

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Ice skating, huh? What a remarkable country we live in, Monica. Ya'll are still ice skating and in my neck of the woods we are getting primed for our second outdoor food festival of the year. Last week was the chili cook-off next weekend is the Hogg Wild BBQ contest. You enjoy the ice and I will eat an extra spare rib for you.
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It's been in the 70's here this week, time to plant the garden, and get back to Queing-of course we never really stop here in California. Ice skating-sounds cold to me VBG Shanti/Mary-Anne
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It's a great way to see Central Park...and get some exercise. I am not great but I can get around the rink!
Ice Skate While You You