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Is It Cheaper To Be A Vegetarian?

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Scientifically, vegetarian diet is considered better than meat but people generally do not consider it cheaper because they live in a world which has $39.99 per pound-imported bluefoot mushrooms, $2.49 Texas’ off-season organic grapefruit and $1 double cheeseburgers. Still there are reasons to consider vegetarian diet cheaper yet healthier than meat, poultry and other red meats.

Plant Proteins Are Cheaper: Believe it or not! Plant proteins are far cheaper than the animal ones since they are made up of inexpensive commodities like rice, corn and beans. On the other hand, cheapest beef cuts like ground round can be purchased at an average of $3 per pound. Canned tuna is usually available at $2 per pound and boneless chicken breasts can cost around $3.40 a pound. Dropping fish, poultry and red meat from your diet is a wise idea if you are looking for cheaper yet healthy foods. You can have dried beans, lentils and rice at less than a $1 per pound each. If pine nuts are $13.99 per pound, a cheaper alternative in the form of sunflower seeds is also available with same amount of protein. Tofu, the vegetarian chicken, also costs below $2 a pound. However, if you dress up plants like meat, things like soy hot dogs could be pricier as much as $5 a pound, while turkey hot dogs would cost you less than half.

Cost Depends on Vegetarianism Type: Cost of the vegetarian food also depends on what type of vegetarianism you are following. Americans on a vegetarian diet usually drop red meat, poultry and seafood from their diet. However, an ovo-vegetarian eats eggs, while a lacto-vegetarian eats dairy products. Fish-eaters are known as pescetarian and fruit-eaters are fruitarian. One who doesn’t eat any kind of animal product at all is a vegan. For eg, if you are a fruit-eater, no doubt your diet will be priciest compared to meat-eaters, as cheap fruits will come only in peak season.

Good In Long Run: Financial worth of good health through a plant-based diet is unquestionable because it is good in the long run. Person on a vegetarian diet is less prone to illness or disease. Not only it increases the length of your life but also lowers risk of cancer, dementia and heart disease.

Moreover, you can buy vegetable protein like dried beans, rice, oatmeal etc in bulk, which turns out to be much cheaper than smaller quantities. If properly stored, these commodities last more than a year. Isn’t it cheaper to be a vegetarian?

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Is It Cheaper To Be A Vegetarian?