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10 Ways To Clean Up After A Big Meal

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Here are 10 ways to clean up after a big meal

Develop a cleanup plan
You don’t need to develop a comprehensive cleanup plans to clear the messed up dining room, cluttered kitchen, and sink filled with greasy utensils. Only you need to plan from where to begin? How to deal with leftovers? Do you have good supply of scrubbers, clothes and sponges? Once you deal with all these questions then the task becomes easy.

Start with the dining area
Begin your cleaning operation from a dining area, which has been messed up with wastes from leftovers. Clean up the area and collect the waste in basket or waste bin. Spray the room with anti-bacterial washes; ensure that dining area is bacteria free.

Clean as you cook
Start cleaning up the utensils immediately after the dinner, otherwise the remnants will harden up and you will need to apply extra efforts to clean them up.

Pile up same set of utensils together
Don’t stack up glasses together because they may stick together and break when you try to separate them. Use any big basket to collect plates, glasses and emptied serving dishes. Use separate baskets to collect each set of cutlery like a basket for plates, another for glass and another for serving dish.

Pre rinse the utensils
Pre rinse the utensils before dumping them in dish water because the leftovers may clog up the kitchen drain.

Soak the hardies
As a reward to yourself, try to soak up all the hard greased utensils before you move to other cleaning activities. This will save your time and make it easier to scrub off the hardened up remnants.

Plan disposable
Try to arrange a disposable meal. If it’s not possible to arrange a disposable meal, then organize desserts in disposables, so that you have less grease to deal with. You can even serve drinks and other side dishes in disposable dishes. Collect all disposables in trash bag, so that their disposal becomes easier.

Wipe down counter and stove
Use wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the counter and stove. Add little soap solution to the sponge if the stains refuse to go away.

Take some help
Ask for help from your friends or family members if you find it difficult to clean the mess yourself. If people are reluctant to help you out then give them options to choose from different tasks.

Use machines and hands
Try to use machines and hands to clean up the mess. Load up safe dishes in dish washer and clean others by hand. In this way cleaning up process will be done fast.

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10 Ways To Clean Up After A Big Meal