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Resisting Peer Pressure: Say “NO” To Crazy Alcoholics Forcing You To Drink

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Here’s some food for thought Don Marquis once said “I drink only to make my friends seem interesting”.  What do you think of it? Is someone forcing you to drink alcohol? Well, that's no good. You don’t like someone imposing things on you, do you? No one has that right. But you have the right to resist and say no. Sometimes saying no isn’t easy. But trust me you can resist it with practice and a little know-how. Keep on trying, you may not get it right at first. I have few quick tips that can be of great help.


• Be firm, state you want to be alcohol free.

• Walk away from the situation if you feel it’s getting worse.

• Find something else to do with other friends

• You're trying to cut calories, lose weight etc.

• Your under medication (doctor advised you not to drink)

• You have an early morning appointment and a big day tomorrow


When fellow members are drinking, the peer pressure can lead to problems. The truth is most of us do it so that we are accepted among our peers. But the choice is yours. Be smart enough to say no. Do your friends need not know your real purpose why you are not surrendering to the peer pressure and drinking alcohol?  If you are uncomfortable drinking within a group politely say, “No, thank you. I'm not drinking this evening.” 


Who is going to devour you for that! Don’t drink to please a group of “so called friends” who forces you to do something which you don’t want. You are not born to please everyone you meet! And here’s a better one, why don’t you seek out friends with interests, beliefs, and values similar to your own. Don’t be fooled by the Peer Pressure Bag-of-Tricks such as rejections. Use reality checks; spot the tricks to increase your self awareness. This is the only step to resist it.


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Let me tell you another thing which I have observed. Many a times, peer pressure leads to over drinking. Too much, too soon is dangerous. In fact, drinking too much at any age is not cool at all! You are doing nothing but digging yourself into holes of trouble. I am proud to say that I am a non-drinker. .I do not like my evening go blur or have a feeling as if I am walking on air! To think of it, I have more productive and creative work to do! But I do hang out with friends who are light drinkers. So what! When we party together, they never force me to drink with them. When I respect their decision of boozing I expect them to respect my decision too. Yes, I have been lucky (touchwood!) in a way … but the point is, you can get his lucky too by making choices. The idea is not to be comfortable with the concept of being uncomfortable—makes sense? I am sure it does. And yes, I am grateful to have known a bunch of peers who are not inconsiderate adults but are sensitive enough to understand that I do not need to drink alcohol in order to fit in with them : )  So, all I say is cheers to life!



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Resisting Peer Pressure: Say “NO” To Crazy Alcoholics Forcing You To Drink