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The Kashmiri chai( tea) is like most all over pakistan spl. in winter.

                The name “Kashmiri chai (tea)” is identify by its name.    I think everybody can understand very well the kind of  tea have a relation    With “Kashmir” state.            Yes, the specific tea is commonly use in Kashmir.   It known by its other name” Gulabi chai” or pink tea due to its pink colour.         It prepared by green tea ( it is a kind of tea leaf.).         When, it prepared  a liquor of green tea use plane or with lemon juice Called as Green tea or “Qahwa”.  The Qahwa is specific type of tea mostly  Used in Saudi-Arabia with named “GAWA”.        When it prepared with a required quantity of milk called “Kashmiri Chai”        All menu’s specially in winter becomes exotic with it. “Kashmiri tea is also my most favorite. It looks more delicious ,serve with crushed Almonds and Pistachio.   “Kashmiri tea is like most all over Pakistan spl. In  Karachi with every dinner or party meal in winter.

 The preparation of tea is very simple.                             

     Prepration for 4 cup of Kashmiri chai( tea).

 (1) - Boil 4 cup of water in a pan. Add 4-5 crushed green cardamom in it. Add  3 tea spoon of of green tea in boiling water.

  Add a pinnch of salt and pinch of soda bi carbonate and cook till water ( liquor ) become half of quantity. Then add 2 1/ 2 cup of milk in boilng liquor.

 Boil it 5 min.more mean time mix the liquor with a spoon very well.

 Now the tea is ready to serve. Garnsh with crushed Almonds and Pistachio.


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shantihhh's picture
Interesting-I have never seen salt and soda bicarbinate in tea before. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
yes naushaba, I had tasted kashmiri tea that is really very delicious.
Its my most favourite in witer. I make the tea everyday at bed time it gives more pleasure in winter.
Snigdha's picture
Salt and Soda bi carbonate in tea !?! Thats interesting.
Ghulaam Lone's picture
There's one part of the recipe you missed that we always do in Kashmir when making this chai: When you've cooked down the liquid, and BEFORE you add the milk, you must do the following to achieve the right color. add a cup of the coldest water you can find, then take a laddle, scoop up some of the liquid, and drop it back into the pan slowly so as to aerate the liquid. Do this about 10-20 times, until the tea has a burgundy color to it. But be very careful about achieving the right color, because if you do it too much, the tea will just turn brown when you add milk (although the taste will be the same). Only when the right color is achieved should you add milk. Oh yes, and not just any Green Tea will get you the proper pink color since normal green tea will get you more of a peach colored tea. You must use what is called "Gunpowder Green Tea" instead. You can find this at many grocery stores, or online. Twinnings makes a good blend, but I hear some Asian(Oriental) grocers may also carry it too. Anyways, I'm glad that Kashmiri chai is so popular in Pakistan! The sweetened version of the chai is actually called "Pindi Chai" in Srinagar, after the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi (which has a huge Kashmiri community). The Kashmiri chai that I've seen sold on Gerrard St. in Toronto is actually sweet Pindi Chai, and not the original Kashmiri chai. The variety that we drink in Kashmir is usually kept salty from the baking soda, and not sweetened - although Pindi chai is certainly becoming more and more popular, and I certainly prefer it over the salty variety. I'm not sure if anyone in India drinks it, but they're missing out anyways! Good luck!
Jabeen's picture
I tried to make it twice and it just doesn't turn pink or burgundy... it stays brown!!!
Radio's picture
Thanks for the information is useful and very well.
foodpsychologist's picture
Kashmiri Chai with no sugar but salt is a surprisingly tasty fare. I am surprised that the salt does not curdle milk. :)
Advertise's picture
Detail on Kashmiri chai is excellent. I like this...
Anonymous's picture
greenswan's picture
kashmiri chai This sounds tasty! There is nothing better than grinding up your own, home grown, dried herbs.. Wonderful post! Going to check out some of these shops....
The Kashmiri Chai( Tea) Is Like Most All Over Pakistan Spl. In Winter.