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Rose Parade

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Rose Parade - what a beautiful way to welcome the New Year.

This time I went to see the Floats on Jan 2nd, the day after the parade. It was beautiful. I have never seen so many orchids and roses in one place before.

All Floats are decorated using flowers, leaves, grains and nuts. Here are just some few pics for you all to enjoy.


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Wonderful pictures. Am sure you had good time and it sure must have been a treat to the eyes. So where had this parade taken place?
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Rose Parade takes place in Pasadena, California on Jan1st every year. And then after the parade they are kept for display till Jan 2nd. Estimated 25,000 people come to see the post-parade display.
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Very nice snaps...good way to start a new year...
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Gorgeous pics. It looks like a bright sunny day on the west coast. Great way to start a happy new year. With Regards, Admin
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amazing pictures.....beautiful blogger way to welcome the new year!
Really very nice pictures. The flower and fragrance have a important place in our life. May GOD the year 2008 be a full of fragrance for everybody,spl ifood community. Happy New Year 2 all memeber of
Rose Parade