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Upgrade Your Labor Day Party Plans and End Your Summer In Style

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Tequila embodies the spirit of summer with tasty margaritas and refreshing tequila sunrises. Now, Labor Day is around the corner so it’s time say goodbye to summer in style with some indulgences.  If you looking for simple ways to take your party to the next level, here are 4 tips to help celebrate this Labor Day in luxury:

Grab a lobster by the tail: Burgers are an everyday food so upgrade your meal to feature the tastiest crustaceans in the sea. Just have the butter ready.

Spoon a little caviar: Generally reserved for the elite, eating this delicacy will have you feeling like royalty.

Sip on luxury tequila:  An individually numbered bottle of Maestro DOBEL Diamond Tequila will provide the perfect compliment to your newfound lifestyle, after all DOBEL is “indisputably the world’s best tequila.”

Finish it off with dessert: Strawberries and fresh whip cream are a nice light finish to a decadent meal.

More information about Maestro DOBEL can be found here:

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chockyfoodie's picture
Wonderful set of ideas! I think everyone should surely give it a try.
Anonymous's picture
Wow......... Words fall short to explain how wonderful these ideas are...
duke's picture
Hahaha..grab a lobster by the tail....really love it...thanks buddy for this awesome post!
FitGal's picture
Everyone should have this right to treat yourself to royal pleasures, at least once in a lifetime. And what better way to do so than on a Labor Day.
Anonymous's picture
A tad expensive, but nevertheless a fun read
priyam's picture
Enjoy this labor day with plans as these...
Anonymous's picture
I like that, simple but great ideas.....
delicious.bites's picture
These ideas add zest to labor day plans!
colorfulcandies's picture
great article.
bonappetit's picture
all's well that ends well....the strawberry and cream finishing is just too gud
anonymous's picture
Made 4 such a great read :)
Upgrade Your Labor Day Party Plans And End Your Summer In Style