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Undiscovered Cooking Tip !

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Undiscovered Cooking Tip !This Monday, I discovered a cooking tip I haven't seen listed in any website.

While you are preparing the food, and after the guests have arrived, you contrive to fill the house up with smoke, preferably enough to get at least two smoke detectors going.

Then you go rushing about the house, opening all the windows, setting up fans, and generally doing everything short of calling the fire department.

Let the guests sit for about 20 minutes at 48 degrees (as a result of opening the windows) and serve the food.

By this point, you have established expectations in your guests' minds that you can't fail to exceed!

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funny discovery....very interesting!
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Won't work around here as the whole family are excellent cooks-not to worry about the taste of each as we ALL cook together. Christmas was at our daughters and her Serbian husband roasted a whole pig on a spit amazing stuff! We all entered via the open garage where the piggy was roasting and the aroma of pork and garlic made you instantly hungry. Appetizer table was laden with French Pate, cornichon, Serbian smoked sausage slices, a plethora of French Cheeses, alder smoked wild salmon, breads, champagnes, wines, Slivovitch, cognac, heiniken, etc. The meal was amazing. Now we look foreward to Orthodox Christmas on Jan 7 when Milka makes sarma and the full deal! Her sarma are made with home made bed of sauerkraut, stuffed with pork/beef/lamb, smoked bacon in the sauerkraut, and of course paprikash. What a meal this will be! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Undiscovered Cooking Tip !