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New Member & his Weird Books

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My name is Steve H. Graham. Someone who works here at Ifood invited me to join and upload videos, but I lost the email! Maybe they'll see this entry and give me a shout.

I'm a writer, and I have a cookbook coming out. It's called Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man - The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook. The basic idea is that the Food Nazis have gotten out of control, and that we need to lighten up and enjoy some real food once in a while.

I'm not a professional cook. I don't claim to be the greatest chef who ever lived. The book's main purpose is to make you laugh. It contains around 30 recipes, and each one is part of a funny essay. Still, I got really lucky with some of the recipes, and I didn't put anything in the book that doesn't work. And unlike a lot of jerks who write cookbooks, I didn't hold anything back.

An old self-published version of my cookbook is listed at Amazon, but the Citadel Press version won't be out until spring or summer.

I've been putting videos up at Youtube, and I plan to start uploading here as well. I hope it's all right if I link to an example.

Here are some of the horrible things I'll teach you to cook.

1. Perfect 10-minute New-York-style street pizza. No lie.

2. Bacon grease biscuits and cream gravy.

3. Coconut flan.

4. Brownies with 540 calories each.

5. Roasted hog filled with almond and rice stuffing, coated with sage/apricot glaze.

6. The best blueberry cheesecake on this or any conceivable planet.

7. Rotis with Jamaican-style green goat curry.

8. Unauthentic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant chili, complete with chili-Nazi-offending beans.

I've written two other books. The first is called The Good, the Spam and the Ugly, and it's an account of my adventures deceiving 419 spammers. I convinced these idiots I was Barney Rubble and Wile E. Coyote and drove them crazy for months on end. The second is Keep Chewing Till it Stops Kicking. My publisher had this idea that there would be a caveman craze this fall, and they asked me to write a funny caveman book. So I did. Unfortunately, the craze failed to materialize. Oh well. I got paid.

I have a blog at Hog on Ice, and you can see my writing at I also do an Internet radio show called Code Blue Cooking, at It's on every Sunday night at 9 Eastern. I hope you'll stop by.

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New Member & His Weird Books