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Uno & Due - Chicago, IL

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Uno’s is one of my favorite pizzas.  I will never forget the first time I was able to go to the first Uno’s in Chicago - the pizza was great!  It’s the same pizza at all of their restaurants but there’s something about sitting in the main store that makes it better...  I don’t get it much because there isn’t one of their restaurants in my town.  I have to go down to Daytona to get me some goodness.  I like it but I’m not going to drive down to Daytona just for a pizza...  It’s the backwards way they make the pizza that turns me on so much (it’s also the amazing crust!).  I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at Chicago style deep dish pizza.  I have to admit it’s a bit nerve-racking for some reason.  The crust is totally different than my standard hand tossed pizzas...  Lots to think about there...  Anyhoo - If you’ve never eaten at Uno’s (or Due) give it a try - you won’t be sorry!  I give them an A+

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Uno & Due - Chicago, IL