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Mango is my favourite.

Mangoes are king of all fruitsI think everybody will feel my smoothy and sweet taste

. Can u peoplwe reconize me who am I?

Oh yeh i give few hints U peolpe to reconize me I am king of fruits.

Wow U all right I am MANGO.

Yes, the MANGOES are the king of fruits. It comes in summer.

The flowers of Mangos comes to mid of march ,and end of april ripe and

tasty magoes comes to the markets. Special quality of Mangoes are from


The farming of Mangoes are also in MAXICO( Aerican coontinent), South Aferica,&

Florida,but the of Mangoes from Sub-continent is superb.

Now these days available in the super stores all the seasons, but it is few costly

other than Summer.

Mangoes are different size and shape.Few types are very small & few are large.

Few of Mangoes are near about 1kg of weight.

Its shape have similarity with Kidny. A super quality of Mango have very thin skin.

Its skin color is dark or light green, yellow & few are partially red and inner is dark yellow.

Super quality of Mangoes are fiberless and have thin hard part in centre called seed.

Now super quality of Mangoes are available in market due to some agricultural reasurches.

It have normally juicy and sweet pulp.

There are lot of dishes prepred by the pulp," Mango-shake", Mango-ice-cream, Aamras &

Amawat( Mango papad) are few of them.

The farming of Mangoes starts since 4000 years ago.

The farming of Mango in India starts since 2000 years.Specially most Hind epics have

description about it.

Mangoes have relation with family of Pistachio and Barley. It have a strong tree.

There are different type of mangoes available in INDIA-PAKISTAN.

Langra, Dashahri, are more common in India, in PAKISTAN Langra, Dashahri, Anwar-rataul,&

Sindhri and Chaunsa are most popular and export mostly part of world.

Its an important factor keep in mind, the superior quality of MANGO have

thin skin, a special aroma, and more small dot of branch of the tree.




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Mango Is My Favourite.