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Palmistry Predictions.

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Under Palmistry predictions,we will study the main feature of LifeLine of hand,this is the most significant line of any subject because evey thing depends upon the status of Life Line,more details given below;,

1---the Life Line,starts from the lower part of Mount Jupiter and go upto wrist of hand and encircled mount of Venus, completely.

2--when Line is deep ,smooth and without any cut and break,it is called strong Life Line,then the subject will put the physical above every thing else. this type of line is more likely to be found on the hands of those folk who prefer the great outdoors and thrive when involved in physical activities.

3---An uninterrupted, strongly etched Line indicates enthusiasm and a sparkling nature. Almost always a person of this type has a Zest for living.

4---The Life Line is most important gauge of our constitution and vitality and it should always look strong and healthy.

5---The more interruptions on the line the less its power to operate as it should.

6--When at the start,it is tied with the Head line,the longer they stay to gether,the more cautios their owner in relationships with others,these folk will be hypersensitive,full self doubt,and difficult to understand,they tend to achieve very little.

7---There can be a hint of national pride or a love of family tradition,the right way of getting things done,convention is important to them.

The more about life line will be given in next part.

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Palmistry Predictions.