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Already described about atrip to U S Afrom 05--jun--10 to12--jul--10 along family sponsherd by my son,who is a resident of NewYork and experiences gained during internal traveling and the different foods taken,during our long Air and ROad journey of LOSANGELES,SANFRANCISCO,OAKLAND,BERKELEY, YOSEMITE FALL,TIAGA PASS JUNE VALLEY, INYO VALLEY, DEATH VALLEY,LAS VEGAS,GRAND CANYON AND BACK TO NEWYORK VIA LOSANGELES.

we enjoyed extremely in nice maner due to grand co-operation and unique gestures shown by American people and the law n order established bythe great American,the great ness of AMERICA and its citizen can't be narrated in few words,indeed they R great.

Here is some tips for those who r going to AMERICA for their better future life,as bellow;,

1---LIFE SAVING CROSS[X];----Every one always interested about his fortunes and fates,so it is very important the safety of life,how palmisty forecasts good n bad some hint is given here,it does not mean in any way that good n bad predictions are final it is all in the hands of GOD so no one should worry about negative effects of fore casting,take it just a fun.

PREDICTION----If there exists X between Fate and Life lines about 4--6 cm from the wrist, they may not actually save lives,but it shows someone who often works for the benefit of others.

2----STARS;----These marks generally not consideredgood emphesized incidents but where ever seen intensify matters.

a star on at the end of line always warns of impending eventsfor good or ill. On Head line a star shows poor decision, may be accident of Head, on Heart line,a star usually implies emotional truobles.

A star at the end of fate or sun line points give success after along hard works.

If found on life line it means potential personal injury. A star on the ist.phalange of middle finger is said to show luck through misfortne. a star on 3rd phalange of 3rd. finger indicates talent and prominence by chance and a star on 3rd phalange of little finger indicates spirit and eloquence.

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