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Hi,, lovers, in my previous blogs of trip to u.s.a,from,new delhi to newyork,losangeles,sanfrancisco,oakland ,lasvegas and grand canyon,from 5 jun--10 to., 13--jul--10, already been described. the gist of this marathon trip is given below; 1---First,i am very much thankful to my son,a full time researcher in biomedical informatics in columbia university,who sponshered our whole journey tripfrom india to America in a very very hi-tech maner along our some relatives who joined us from newyork.he tried his best to make our journey very enjoyable and colourful and also showed all important places along pacific ocean from,los angeles to sanfrancisco,without him we never visited,wonders of California,Nevada,Arizona states,namely,montere aquarium,fishermen dwarf,the golden gate bridge, Isomite,fall,half dome,snow,aroun road and top of mountain,Inyo valley,death valley, Las Vegas,HollyWood MOVIES site,Hoover dam,THE Grand canyon and jungle fire in Arizona state,the drive on pacific coast highway and the sea lion on beaches.

2--At the same time the great contribution of my nephew and his wife who not only provided their car for local trip in new jersey and newyork and hosted delicious indian and international foods with great affections.

3--In last i want to thank American people who extended their great hospitilities and loves every where and we enjoyed like home turf in America it was only possible from great law- n order enforcementof and lovely behaviour of great American people,our journey to AMERICA is great moment of our lives and we are thankful to all who co-perated it make a grand trip to U.S.A.

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The wonderful law-n- order played a great role to drive us about 4500k.m long in California,Nevada and Arizona in America,we are much--much thankfull to American people establish law in such a nice and strong maners.this is the reason that America is no.1 in world,thank u AMERICA once again.
Travelogue - USA