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How do apples grow? - From bud to blossom, fructifying delight

The bright red to the mild greenish yellow, which hang like the ‘pick-me-ups’ from the trees during summer time- APPLES. Whenever you feast your eyes on these ‘fruity’ spheres, tempted to juice up your summer-day with one succulent crunch, you cannot stop wondering on the wonder: how do apples grow?

from seed to plant to tree to flower to the fruit of health

This is not one of nature’s biggest riddles, yet the delicate balancing act between winds, and water, heat and cold, till the bloom bears fruit in the form of an apple, is something to cherish about.

How do apples grow? They grow in a phased manner, which is detailed as below :

• Once your apple tree matures, the twigs grow tiny flower-buds and leaf buds

• With the incoming of spring, the buds open up to flowers forming a full bloom, and the leaf buds also follow suit.

• Then, pollination occurs. This is a process, by which plants reproduce their lot, by exchange of pollens from one flower to another flower or the same flower. This helps in the formation of the fruit. Pollination in apple tree takes place through bees and other insects.

• Once the pollens get deposited at their destination in the flower, they grow into a pollen tube and fuse with the female cells present in the base (ovary) of the flower, which later form the seeds of the fruit.

• After the petals drop off, the tiny ovaries at the base of the flower swell and grow to form the flesh of the fruit.

• Thus the apples grow in size, to its fullest till the end of summer, when they are ready to be eaten.

How do apples grow to serve the ever growing need of healthy, flavorsome diet, for the health-conscious, is the fruit of science and nature.

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How Do Apples Grow? - From Bud To Blossom, Fructifying Delight