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tirp to sanfrancisco

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HI, IFOOD.TV, LOVER,S. ON 19TH.JUNE,WE CHECKED out from hotel quality inn,we started ou journey of yosemite fall, situated in beautiful yosemite national reseved forest,after taking our breakfast cum lunch at 11am,we entered in the plains of california,we saw big garden of cherries fruits,grapes and vegetables farms and also saw the very hitech irrigation system that is yet dream in our country,this is due t to very modern n well planing of water management system in deserted areas of california.,after visiting many scenic beauty we entered in yosemite reseved nationalpark,that is in real term is park,where we saw longest pine tries of our lives,near yosemite lodge we parked our vehicle went near half dome and its fall,it was fogging dueto falling water that couled of 2000cumec/second.falls are created due to melting glaciers created during winter when temp.downto -30to 40 degrees.we picked up our car aroun 4.30pm from visiter center and advanced towards june lake camp site where our camping was fixed.after traveling few minutes we were in snow deposited areas,thick layers of snow seen both side the highway,we touched ice,walked and photographed we were about 10k feet high sea level,few miles onward we found a lake half frozen and half water,this pt. was tiaga pass,from this pt. steep gredients in road started and within few minutes we were at 4000ft. frm sea level,dueto steep falls my son who was driving car applied hand brake heavily that generated high temp. andall wheels started smelling,it was our good lucks that snag located timely and we stopped the car in rest area and after cooling the wheels we advanced carefully and decided to abanded camping and retire in some lodge but being the week day we could not find acomodation in INO VALLEY AREA,like lee vining lake, june lake sides then we decided to leave the INO VALLEY and retired in motel at BISHOP CALIFORNIA,town 40 miles away the june lake,conti--in next.

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Tirp To Sanfrancisco