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Mist on the waters.
And Kisses.... Oregon

Rising through the air with the dawn in the Oregon Mountains.
The pine tree terraced hills veiled by fog like a coy exotic dancer.
The sun, her lover, piercing one veil after another, first with warmth--then with heat.
Till at last as we descend through the veils to the forest floor wherein she is revealed, shiny and rough as a rocky river.
The cold air grabs you like a rough lover leaving you delighted and breathless all at the same time.

Reign of Kisses: Rain of Kisses

Night softens with the dawn.
Kisses born of dreams gathered by twilight and delivered amongst bird song as ocean breezes stir the air.
Kisses as inevitable as the tide. Kisses like Spring rain...Hold tight the passing hour at the coming of the day.
In Morning, that gentle Kingdom, kisses reign.


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