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South Africa World Cup

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South Africa World Cup

Like any country, South Africa also has its own cuisine, based on its menu red meat, in addition to exotic foods.

A social event name braai, you can eat grilled meats, but they never are prepared by women. Men come together around the braziers and women are responsible for preparing the salads and desserts.

The cuisine of South Africa received strong influences from indigenous cultures, specifically the tribes Khoisan, Xhosa and Sotho. The sweet name koeksisters is traditional in the country, the origin of these people, much served as a dessert, it's simple appearance, commonly served in informal events can be found easily.

The food in South Africa also received, in the colonial era, the influences of British foods, through the slaves who worked for British families.

The slaves, deprived of their liberty, they had to adapt your recipes ethnic African ingredients available to them, including them in the form of preparing food.

The country has received influences from Arab cuisine, the average age at the time, these customs were also brought by the slaves, which led many recipes with them.

How exotic foods, eat fried crickets, but nowadays the cuisine of South Africa is renowned for its uniqueness and flavor, copied in many countries.

With the influences of various cultures, the South African cuisine has become a true melting pot of ideas and flavors. Her recipes range from meats, breads, pastries, pies, sausages, skewers and rice colorful.

By Jussara de Barros
Graduated in Pedagogy
Team Brazil School

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South Africa World Cup