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Padma Lakshmi, The Sexiest Chef On “What's Sexy” List

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As the annual “What Sexy” list of 2010 is up in town, everyone is all ears to know who’s sexy in 2010. Well thought-out by the Lingerie goliath Victoria's Secret, the list featured some of the hottest women in the world. But the one which caught my eye is the sexiest chef of 2010, Padma Lakshmi. The just starting out mom and Indian born chef, Padma Lakshmi has been voted as the sexiest chef of the year 2010. 

Moreover, some of the other famous titles in the Victoria's Secret event like 'Sexiest Style' and 'Sexiest Lips' were awarded to Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana respectively. Further, Matthew McConaughey’s partner Camila Alves landed the Sexiest Mom honour. With the entire who’s who of the H-town, the event was held at W Hollywood Hotel, Drai's on May 11. 

Well, all in our interests, Padma Lakshmi being the sexiest chef is what makes us happy!!!!   


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