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Chef Gordon Ramsey

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I have been a big fan of gordon ramsey since hells kitchen first came out, and now he has another show called kitchen nightmares, this guy cracks me up, i love his direct and blunt attitude.

if you haven't seen these shows i suggest you catch em their friggin awesome. you know some people don't like him. hmmmmm dunno why ;) so i wanna take a pole who has seen these shows. and who else likes this guy. after all he's suppose to be the greatest and most sought after chef in the world.

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Did you see the episode with our "own" Chef Vikas Khanna? Shanti/Mary-Anne
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here is the video chef vikas rocks ! the video Bon Appetite!
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Jaala Im a BIG fan of Ramsey. He is a great chef and the whole drama that unfolds in his show is fabulous. Waiting to catch his new show.
Chef Gordon Ramsey