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Cooking is really a fun .

Cooking is really a fun. Everybody can prepare a delicious dish if have few interest in this field.Cooking is really becomes a fun when doing by men. My husband is also a good cook. He is not professional but a mature.Cooking is his hobby, when he have some spare time comes to kitchen and starts cooking. Mostly he prepare his favourite dishes as such “Katchi Biryani, Aaloo ki bhujia, Chicken Karahi,or Chicken Jhatpat ,s are his specialities.  All the dishes become very tasty & delicious prepared by him.My kids  gives  remarks “ Papa u r really a good cook, so u must be a home chef  whole day once in week.  My mother-in-law tells never feel bother to cooking. Cooking is a honour for ladies.         Its my ecperience also every wemen & girls will receive honour by good cooking.                                                   Really  involve in his hooby                                          Favourrite dish perpared by him.                                    

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I totally agree with you Naushaba; Cooking can be a whole lot of fun and a very satisfying experience. Every time I cook, I get more interested in it. Also I find it as a great stress buster. Making great food is surely an art and by cooking often we can achieve expertise in some or the other cuisine. Also it is an unending process of learning. The more we learn, the more we realize that there is more to learn. There is so much of diversity in cooking, that those who enjoy food will have an unquenchable thirst to learn more. I feel, the biggest compliment anybody can give to a good cook is by relishing the dish they make and I experience this bliss every time my hubby licks a dish clean!
U r absolutely right. At the tine of cookin we become free from any anxioty & stress. And good cooking is also pay a role of patcher betwen 2 spl wife & husband. U know me and my sister inlaw(Bhabhi) have a collectin of different cookery book and try it.
Cooking Is Really A Fun .