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New York Marathon - Monica's Weekend Update

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Hello runners...and spectators! Every year I think about running the marathon...for about 10 minutes...while I sip a mimosa over brunch. It's great to watch and cheer on the runners then grab a bite to eat anywhere along the route.

This is the information on where to view the race...

Miles 14 through 15 offer prime viewing locations that allow easy access by subway to later points in the race. Take the E, G, V, or 7 train to 23rd Street in Queens and walk north to mile 14.5 of the course. Alternately, watch at mile 15: Take the 7, N, or W trains to Queensboro Plaza and walk west to the course along Crescent Street. After viewing the leaders, you can catch them again on First Avenue in Manhattan if you hustle. From Queensboro Plaza take a Manhattan-bound 7, N, or W to Lexington Avenue/59th Street . Transfer to the 4, 5, or 6 uptown to East 86th Street and walk east to First Avenue to catch the runners just before mile 18. You’ll have about a half hour to catch the lead women, 20 minutes for the lead men. You just can’t move fast enough to view the top wheelchair athletes in both locations, so if your emphasis is on this race, choose a single viewing spot.

From First Avenue you can walk 20 minutes west to Fifth Avenue, which borders Central Park. There you can catch the leaders again along Fifth Avenue north of 90th Street. Alternatively, you can watch in Central Park south of 90th Street. You’ll be slightly closer to the always-dramatic finish but will likely.

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New York Marathon - Monica's Weekend Update