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why i have a beer on every episode

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I have just received an im from a fan asking me why i seem to have a beer on every episode. well i'm gonna attempt to answer this publicly lol.

Here in oklahoma i'm what you call an ol boy, we love friends, family, food, cooking, grilling, and sharing all of this with our friends and family. c'mon when you cook out you gotta have a beer lol.

Also i'm The Executive Chef of my business...... if your a chef you'll be able to relate, another reason for drinking a beer.... sous chefs, jr sous chefs, and assistants lol just kidding or maybe i'm not ;)

Anyhoo it's part of my show Smokin Chefs and people seem to dig it, so i hope this answers some questions. Keep it Real :)


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Why I Have A Beer On Every Episode