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Fuchka Fasination!

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I am one total fuchka freak! Yes, yes fuchka, phuchka, gol gappa, pani puri they are all the same kind of spicy and tangy snacks of different regions named differently.

And Oh! Though a snack, I can gorge on fuchkas for my breakfast, lunch and dinner! I have often found myself waking up in the middle of the night craving for a platter of these addictive fuchka. The potatoes, spices and lemon mixture for the filling, the crispy fuchkas and the lemon juice squeezed into the ripe tamarind water or khatta meetha pani makes the snack a holy concoction for me. Boiled gram, pudina and red chili powder are special additions to fuchka and it makes me drool.fuchka

We Indians are famous in discussing foodstuff all the more than we gobble (which is fairly a lot). Till now I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like fuchkas. Thanks to the great creator of fuchka. Because of you I have tasted fuchka, a true touch of magic and my taste buds have experienced heaven!

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Fuchka Fasination!