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Just Beginning

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MoopseeI've been reading and wondering what to do for a blog. never done one before. However, I love cooking and learning, and putting these two together will be exciting for me. It is a new reality for me since I've been diagnosed with MS. yes, a miserable disease, but now I'm more focused on not just nutrition, but variety of foods from all over the world to bring in the nutrition. I don't think a vitamin pill is the answer


I have shots that I do weekly that make me ill, so food also has become a focus for the days that I'm not so yucky. Yes, great technical word, but feeling like you have the flu for 3 - 4 days each week, well, that leaves me with Yucky as the best word that I can think of.  I've tried several new recipes lately. i will work at adding a post with several recipes for you all to see. Trying to create things that I research and then desire to eat and enjoy -- even savor. So, for those reading my blog, it will be my path to finding new flavors and new ways of cooking at home -- not heading to the store -- to come up with great tasting flavors from the world and adding in nutrition in subtle ways. With 5 kids, can't be obvious or they ask for PB and J sandwiches.


I'll see you tomorrow.



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Just Beginning