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Pecan pieOk i wanted to get a few opinions on something i have created, what do you think about a pecan pie cheesecake, i thought it was delicious ,i feel that the pecans complimented the cheese, would you try a pecan pie cheesecake? depending on the responses to this blog i may add it to my regular menu, so what do you guys think should i add it or not?




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I have made a cheese cake using a pecan-praline type of crust-worked beautifully! I did add a touch of Praline Liqueur in the top sour cream layer. I often use hazelnut (Frangelico) and ground hazelnuts in the crust. Quite a lovely taste. My cheesecake is a recipe from a friend's mom who took the Cordon Bleu School back about 50-60 years ago. It is smooth as silk and not heavy at all, not cake like the NY style, but creamy but has a creamy rich body. Everyone loves it and says it is the best cheesecake they have ever eaten. Shanti/Mary-Anne
HMMM What Do You Think