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Holiday Episodes of Smokin Chefs

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529033-smoking-chefs.gif1311795750We're already in the process of filming our Holiday Episodes, these are gonna be good ones, we'll be smoking turkey's, fixing delicious desserts and we'll be filming it all. i have several guests lined up to appear on Smokin Chefs including my sous chef cleo watshe, also we plan on featuring some native american recipes, it's gonna be a great season for us and we want to invite everyone to join us. and as always you can count on RC's to keep it real, there's no tellin what might happen on our next episodes, but i know you won't want to miss em. we're going to try and put out an episode each month for everyone to enjoy, and i guarantee they'll be easy recipes that everyone can fix. keep watching for more great recipes from RC's.


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Holiday Episodes Of Smokin Chefs